8th National ST3 High-Fidelity Simulation Training Camp in Neurosurgery

7th - 11th October 2024
University Hospital Coventry & West Midlands Surgical Training Centre, UK

Mr Sandeep Solanki
Consultant Neurosurgeon and Course Director
JCST-SAC Simulation Lead for ST3

Endorsed by: Speciality Advisory Committee (SAC) in Neurosurgery & Society of British Neurological Surgeons (SBNS)

The course is aimed at the ST3 trainees selected through
Neurosurgery National Selection Process and is part of ST3 Curriculum

The approaches covered are:
Cranial: Bifrontal, Pterional (Trauma flap), Parasagittal, Occipital cradiotomies and posterior fossa approach.

Spinal: Anterior Cervical approach (ACDF), Posterior Cervical approaches (laminectomy and foraminotomy) and Posterior Lumbar approaches

(Micro-discectomy and laminectomy).

Aims of the Simulation Camp:
a) Simulation training in consenting and positioning for Cranial and spinal approaches appropriate for ST3 trainees
We use mannequins/actors for positioning simulation.

b) Lectures on Regional Anatomy for these approaches.

c) Simulating Operative experience on cadavers
Neuro-navigation for cranial approaches and image intensifiers for spinal approaches will be used to create near real life experience.

d) Managing Paediatric Neurosurgical Emergencies. 

e) Preparation of trainees for Phase 2 of the National Neurosurgery Curriculum and to be able to function safely and effectively as the On-Call Neurosurgery Register.

ST3 with a National Training Number (NTN) only

Accommodation: You can book accommodation using the links provided through this website.
The accommodation is not covered in the course fee.

If you wish to discuss any aspect, please contact:

Rachel Davies on email: courses@mededcoventry.com

Registration will close on 6th September 2024

UHCW NHS Trust 7th - 11th October 2024

7th - 11th October 2024

West Midlands Surgical Training Centre, UHCW NHS Trust